Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random Thoughts

I called my best friend's phone today (which she didn't answer - but that's a blog for another time) and one of the "options" is to press 4 to send a fax.  I'm thinking - WTF?! Who sends a fax to a cell phone?  In the age of email, text, teleporting (what, wait.. we're not there YET?!), I'd like to know the person who programs cell phones and thinks "gee whiz.. this would be a good option to have on there... the fax option!"    Just wondering...


Said best friend also wrote a blog about how much I suck.  Because I did something nice for her.  But I couldn't keep it a surprise.  She's known me for... ohh.. about 8 years.  You would think she knows that I SUCK at keeping surprises secret.  *sigh*   At least we're doing something that both of us are SUPER excited about!   We're meeting Charlaine Harris!!!   If you don't know who that is... well, drive through.


Do you know what Cinco de Mayo is?!  Apparently, this has to be told to me EVERY year, but I forget. It's not my people, I don't know their history.  It's not independence day for them.  Just FYI.  They won some battle in which they used tequila as weapons and now we get drunk to celebrate.  Or something like that. 


I'm at work and have absolutely nothing to do.  So I'm blogging.  How much does my job rock?  Or suck.  I can't decide. 

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