Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sometimes I just cry...

My dog is sick.  She need these treatments where I basically stick a needle in her fur and pour water into it, making it a water hump.  When they told me about it, I figured it was easy enough. Except, I didn't remember my absolute fear of needles. And my dog's absolute fear of me holding a needle headed towards her body.

It didn't go well. At first, the hubby was really encouraging and giving me little pep talks but after several tries I heard him whispering in my dog's ear "Your momma is a pussy, Bella".  Yes, I heard him. He thinks he's sly...  but I digress. 

Yes, I'm a pussy. I hate needles. Enough that I have passed out more than once when getting my blood drawn. This doesn't bode well for Bella. I tried to tell her that this is for her own good, but it doesn't help when I'm crying because in my hand is this huge fucking needle that I'm supposed to pierce her skin with.

My husband just read this and started laughing.  He just wants to make sure that you all know that "it's not water... it's medicine".  Like I didn't know this... 

Oh, Bella...  I will let the vet people do all sorts of mean things to you, like poke you with needles, because I can't. Or I won't.  At this point, it's one and the same.

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