Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cleaning - really?!

I have spent all weekend cleaning.  Yes, cleaning.  I've somehow developed this homemaker gene that I need to go away as soon as possible.  I told my friends that my house is now "mom can come visit" clean.  When I told Rob all that I had done, he asked "uhm.. are you feeling sick"?  

Which makes me wonder.  Am I really that bad at keeping my house in order? When my husband is wondering if I'm sick because I'm cleaning it makes me think that my priorities are very much in the right place. Like.. I don't really care what my house looks like because I'm always out, never home, which means I'm very much enjoying my life.   Or curled up in bed reading.   Or watching TV.  Or not paying attention to the mess in my house.  (which I totally blame the dogs for making... they throw these wild parties when I'm at work.. or out enjoying life).  

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