Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Goals

It's January 1st.  I'm all about developing habits that I probably won't keep and changes I probably won't make. But, then again, doesn't everyone do this? 

One thing that I wanted to do is start writing a journal about my life.  I'm 31 years old and I have never kept a journal.  Not even a diary when I was young.  I found out way too quickly that a diary was a parent's tool to find out every private thought going on in their child's head. Or maybe that is just my mother. So, I'm doing this. If you're reading this - well, thanks? 

So - to start my new blog, I first had to Google "how to start a blog" which lead me to a million sites on just how to get started. I choose this one. It had a cute icon.  Most of my decisions on life are based on asthetically pleasing things.  It worked (somewhat) on my fantasy football team - I chose players on how "hot" they looked on their team picture.  I didn't come in last!

Next step: Choosing a name for my blog.  Again - Google.   I was hoping they would give me a list of available witty blog names and I could choose one, but no such luck.  Damn.  I actually have to be witty?  Double damn.  Ok. Fine - I think I got one. 

Then:  Announcing to the hubby that I'm starting a blog.  He's sitting across from me on the couch on his laptop too.  I didn't even get a stare above the screen when I announced it.  Quite loudly, I might add.  He will later tell me he didn't hear me.  It's his way of ignoring me, I've learned. Not that it's a bad thing, I'd ignore me too, being that I have a horrible habit of saying EVERYTHING that is on my mind at any given moment. So here I am, realizing that I've written a lot for my first blog and pretty darn proud of myself. Yay me!

So, it's January 1st.  Can't wait to see what develops of this blog. Let's hope that I can look back on Dec 31st and at least have two blog posts!  ha!

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